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Breaking News!
  • FOA: Four months since the Forgotten Ones Attack, and Lochstone more or less remains still in silence undisturbed...How long will it last this time?
  • FOA: City fully restored and healed it seems from latest Lochstone attack, but people are still weary.
  • FOA: Many people are still without homes since the attack, or are left scarred, scared and broken. The last of funeral calls ring however, spring brings healing...all hope.
  • Tensions remain bubbling in the South as the profitable high from the city attack is slabbing off finally as the city is on the mend.
  • Graduation from the High Chromeria is just around the corner, the Sending just around the bend.
  • It's Musical Chairs High Spectrum style! They really have a hard time keeping Council members don't they? The Orange, The Black, The Blue, who's next?!
  • Warmer weather, warmer tempers. The Shinga's Block Party ended with the man near strangling another until would be victim was escorted away...More info inside.
  • Rumors abound of once more troubles in paradise for Julian Silverlin as witnesses confirm it was Jake Epson who pulled aside a man from the party that Julian attacked.
  • Prism Luxlord Jaxon Press appears to be a bit worn down as of late maybe even ill, and Paige Bradley obviously affected. Speculations arise.
  • The Superviolet throws a fantastic charity awareness event where several fellow Spectrum figures support with enthusiasm along with many wealthy donors.
  • Spring brings baby showers! The Orange is pregnant?! And in love? Photo's of Luxlady Orange with a rugged man as they sit in the sun to soak up the heat, and we see a baby bump! Who's the daddy?!
  • LPD (Lochstone Police Department) complain to the High Spectrum that there is a rising death count in the city, blame thrown at Meisters occur and Spectrum inability to contain them...More inside.
  • Older male reported to be seen munching on person, rabid shapeshifter? Cannibalizing Fata? Zombies?! Witnesses cannot confirm the nature of the sighting except to say it was horrifying.
  • Local artist Dionysus Ganymede shared to Instagram a picture of the Shinga alongside a man with unmentionables painted onto his face. No reports on who the man was. Is this a new form of punishment by the infamous Shinga?
  • The Green is to sponsor an upcoming charity event at a gallery, she never fails to give her support to citizens of Lochstone.
  • It happens every year, yet this time people are ravenous in gossip about the Sending. It's the Spectrum culling 'monsters' of society right? After so much devastation people want a justice, a cleansing they can cling to.

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 Plot & Setting, What's it all about?
the mermaid
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Jun 10 2015, 10:21 PM
War has been pending in this city since it ended. Neither side is happy with the territories they have claimed, both want Lochstone for themselves. The Spectrum has plans to produce the most wanted, best trained, prestigious drafters and Blackguards this world has ever seen, if they achieved this title they'd receive more students, and more money. But the Sa'Kage stands in their way. How can the Chromeria be that spitting image of purity and elegance they try so hard to establish with a pockmark in shape of the Shadow coloring every resume? Except it's that Shadow that knows just exactly how corrupt the Chromeria can be. They know because filth can see filth quite easily, the difference is that the Sa'Kage do not hide behind beautiful colors and disguises. They are proud of their enterprise; the Sa'Kage will not stand idle while over sixty years of contracts, take-overs and criminal organization absorption becomes squandered by those yellow-bellied, color-wielding, sycophants.

Over the years, the war had been quiet. Neither side wanted to gain the media's attention. Skirmishes for territory occurred in shaded alleyways, witnesses were magicked into forgetting, threatened, blackmailed or paid, depending on who handled them. The last major skirmish occurred two years ago when the Chromeria gained the Northern edge of the river from the Sa'Kage, neither party has determined a beneficial way to cross the large river dividing both territories without the other preparing hardily before the attack. Subsequently, skirmishes have died off and instead... the tension grows.

The overarching plot is a fairly simple one, and there is a reason for that. Black Prism aims to have player contribution affect the major outcome of the site's plot line. While there will be frequent small plots run by staff (and some in mind that could change the balance of greater powers), we encourage players to run their own site-wide or class-wide plots! Develop this world together!
Lochstone is a fictional large city off the western coast of Washington state in the United States of America set in the modern world (starting in 2015). It is a bustling, enterprising city with the largest (and most successful) school of Chromaturgy worldwide. Coincidentally, Lochstone is also the main hub to the largest crime syndicate: the Shadow, or Sa'Kage.

As a result, Northern Lochstone is primarily owned, operated or affected by the Chromeria, an organization of drafters meant to run the 'color school' and associated town as a tribunal. They are policed by Blackguards, combat-trained drafters specially trained for the purpose of protecting the Chromeria and its inhabitants.

While Southern Lochstone is enforced majorly by the Sa'Kage and its brotherhood, most of its members are divided into Guilds of various crimes.

The Black Dragon Guild is considered the most poverty stricken guild, surviving mostly off of theft and peddling. Subsequently, this guild takes in most street rats and orphans, using them mostly as peddlers during the day and taking their earnings at night; feeding them very little for their contributions. Most children stay because without the Guild, they have no roof over their head, or they end up in the foster system. And in Lochstone, the foster system isn't very nice to children who bite the hand that feeds them. Some say the head of the Black Dragon Guild is still a juvenile themselves, but no one has really seen them to confirm these rumors.

On the South Western portion of the town, across the river, is West Specter Guild. West Specter provides for the Sa'Kage on a more baser level. Sins of the flesh, they own and operate most--if not all--of the prostitution rings in Lochstone as well as the strip clubs and cuddle-stations. Their product is sex and they are not above recruiting from the North to offer clientele better samples.

While other Guilds exist, and fight for recognition of the Sa'Kage, none of the others are established on site--though this is welcome to change if you have an idea!

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the mermaid
money to spend
Time Zone: EST
Sep 27 2015, 04:01 PM
IC Plots
The Dark God
The Dark God site-wide plot took place September of 2015. It began as the coming of a very powerful Meister one that had grown so powerful he actually inhibited many existent meisters to the point they didn't believe themselves magical. Goddard attempted to take over the whole of Lochstone, and would have succeeded except he took a particular interest in several individuals that he, through a series of trials, herded to where he stood watching his army take over.

He gave all of them the opportunity to join him or be killed, because he could not have it any other way. Several joined him, though others took a stand against him. Ultimately, he was betrayed by a few of his new followers and he was not strong enough to survive the several stab wounds inflicted upon him by their proximity. He was felled. To read the entirety of the plot, you can see it in the archives

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