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Breaking News!
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! The North, the South, no one is left unscathed in the recent masscare of people on both sides of the river. The main targets confirmed to of been people in positions of power, more info inside.
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! Emergency Broadcast all over the world. The Chromeria, and the Sa'Kage are once again at WAR after a failed stalemate and peace of seven years that began in 2010 and was centralized in 2012, five years ago.
  • DoS: It's World War between Chromeria and Sa'kage as Axelle Marovich takes command of the Sa'Kage. She is seen executing her predecessor Julian Silverlin on international television. But was it really him?
  • The killings have seem to stop, for now. But people are in a world wide panic, skirmishes have begun in the thousands all over the world. Leaving millions injured, thousands killed. Businesses are collapsing...
  • On all accounts, hundreds of people including the Blackguard themselves are under scrutiny for how any of this has happened...Spectrum overwhelmed by the public's desperate questions of what to do now, how to protect themselves.
  • In the wake of War how are the Prism, and Green going to juggle their relationship now? Is Paradise going to be lost elsewhere?
  • Artistry in Lochstone seems to be on the climb as more, and more artists pull themselves out of the woodwork.
  • Rumor has it, something strange is whispering inside of the Unseelie Sithen. Is it true that Awakened are weaker than Some? Can King Pyre keep his Kingdom together?
  • People are asking, curious, what side of the War are the Fatum going to fall on? Is the Sa'Kage going to enforce the Unseelie on their side? Seelie on the Chromeria's?
  • The Orange seems fit to burst, the baby should be coming soon and still no answers about who the daddy is or whether or not it's going to have a mommy and daddy or two mommies or a bunch of each!
  • There appears to be a rise in people turning to the fata drug Amaranth, seeking salvation, pleasure, escape. The rumors fly that people are trying to overdose on it.
  • There is a rise in Shifters in Lochstones, reports say as is a body count of those possibly afflicted by Meisters. Are they apart of the new Shinga's army that so effortlessly took out positions of power on both sides?

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Mar 12 2016, 09:58 PM
Fata Information
General Information
Fata, Fatum, Fae - Are a race of evolutionary inhumans, analogous with the mythologies of fairies, sidhe, peri, djinn, and yakshini. Their DNA build is differential from Homo Sapiens, with a base 16 chromosomes. Homo Fatum has a base 32 chromosomes. Their appearance varies from humans in a few unique mannerisms. Inordinate beauty according to human traditional standards. A thinner, more slender body ratio, as well as a somewhat taller base average. Natural hair color ranges from the darkest blacks to white as well as the spectrum in between.

Eyes are unique to each Fata but tend to be representative of their domains of power. In example, a Fata whose major domain of power is Doubt, may reflect the personal failures of others in their eyes. One whose domain of power is Storms, may have rolling clouds in their sclera with no visible pupil or iris. Their eyes might flash lightning when angry or be like windows with raindrops on the panes.

Fata experience emotions more profoundly than humans. They have a much stronger sense of self, a potent empathic receptive capability, and a natural psychological understand of others. Fata are strongly affected by the emotional turmoil of others. They are unable to lie. They cannot commit suicide. They are very community oriented. Fata are extremely capable manipulators, without the need for training or study.

Fata are capable of living hundreds of years without apparent aging, possibly far longer.. They have a metaphysical quality that gives their skin a slightly incandescent sheen which becomes a glow when wielding power. Their features tend to be angular. They appear to be much more durable than Homo Sapiens, and heal from wounds at a higher rate as well. Fata appear to be capable of breeding with one another to produce children which are also Homo Fatum, though the gestation period is several years longer. When they breed with humans however, their additional 16 chromosomes enter a state or dormancy and their children are truly human in every way until the dormant aspect is awoken, including a regular human cycle of gestation. Newly awakened Fata are not half human, they are full blood Fata once these cells have been made active. The additional chromosomes only awaken after the dormant human experiences inhuman levels of stress and pain, sometimes only under fatal situations, and at a rare rate.

There are currently two playable factions of Fata: The Seelie and the Unseelie. The Seelie is majorly made up of the remaining Pure Fata while the Unseelie have recently awoken.


Fata culture is divided into two major factions. Since their culture has existed since prehistoric times, Some Fata, often termed pure Fata, are centuries old with antiquated senses of self, while dormant Fata recently awoken are more modern in means. Both pure and awakened Fata are equipped with the same abilities, lifespan, and heightened emotional perception. While pure Fata tend to be stronger in their domains of power and are also more vulnerable to their weaknesses, there are far less of them in the world to date, and are prone to sterility. Their culture includes; the term ‘Thank You’ as an insult, kissing as a greeting, equality of the sexes, nudity without reservation, and a tendency towards paganism.

History and Present Existence

Historically the Fata were called the Sidhe, and were divided into Two courts. The Seelie Court which was made up of Sidhe who had powers revolving around ‘good’ ideals, typically some golden, blonde, or light colorings with a benevolent reputation though still dangerous. While the Unseelie adopted the more malign and bloodthirsty of Sidhe with darker colorings and less morality. With their immortality fading, given their long gestational periods, their numbers began to dwindle far too quickly.

This all changed when the fading began many centuries ago, a disease which caused a slow rotting death, began to affect the Unseelie Fae before spreading to both courts. The fading affected the Unseelie Court to the point that it was mostly wiped out, remaining Unseelie joined the Seelie when the Seelie began to show symptoms of the disease. The Fata would quarantine themselves from human kind, believing them to be the cause. Despite quarantine, their mortality was waning. Unseelie were dying to this disease left and right, an even that should never have come to pass given their immune system. But this was special disease, something ancient that only affected their species.

Given this fact, the endangered Fata as a whole of the species elected to dispel the myths surrounding their existence and reveal themselves to a few chosen individuals. They revealed themselves, and their power, to several leaders of their countries in an attempt to persuade them to work on a cure to their illness.

The development for the cure to this illness has been in development since before World War I. Germans were working on it, Americans were working on it, everyone was... though it was kept completely under wraps. And after almost a century of working, it has finally come to pass. Well... not really.

In December of 2015 the final development stage of a drug called Amaranth was released to the public in control groups. These control groups were much less than legal, but the Fata would do anything to see their numbers rise. The profits from this drug were given directly to the respective governments for cooperation. Amaranth caused an awakening in a rare few individuals with latent Fata chromosomes.

For months, while the Seelie welcomed the newly Awakened to return their numbers to a respectable level, they treated the Awakened as little more than garbage. They were to be servants, only to serve the Pure. Until one Awakened took a stand against Queen. He once trusted the Queen with everything in him, until she turned on him and made him her experiment. He meant nothing to her. And when he left the Seelie Court with a regime of Awakened and Liberal-minded Some Fata, they declared him their Unseelie King and established their dominion in Southern Lochstone.

Placement and Hierarchy in Lochstone

Seelie Court:

    Made up of the majority of Pure Fata, the Seelie court has aligned itself with Northern Lochstone. They are traditionalists, attempting to preserve the culture to the best of their abilities. The Seelie mindset is us vs. them, in regards to humans, They will always side with each other over the human populace. Their titles are referenced according to their domains of power, {eg. Vitas, Lord of Stories} or by monikers that humans have called them for centuries, {The Venetian, Jack the Giantslayer} They are ruled by:
      *Monarch: King/Queen
      *Heir: Prince/Princess
      Conclave: Lord/Lady

Unseelie Court:

    Based around the ideals of the original Unseelie Court, the newly formed Unseelie is made mostly of formerly dormant Fata who have jumpstarted their evolution with the drug Amaranth. They have formed a recent alliance with the Sa’kage. They mimic the Seelie court to some degree, but are of a much more openly savage nature. Their titles are referenced according to their domains of power, {eg. Silyria, Lady of Pain} or by monikers in hopes of creating some acclaim among humans, {DJ Troll, The Anarchist}. They are ruled by:
      *Monarch: King/Queen
      *Heir: Prince/Princess
      Conclave: Lord/Lady

Either court is ruled by their respective Monarch who serves as the voice and commander of the court. The Monarchs named successor is given the title of Heir, and will act as Regent when the Monarch is not present, ruling in their stead or receiving the throne while in good standing on the death or retiring of the Monarch. The Conclave is a set of 3-5 nobles which, when in agreement, may veto the orders of the Monarch or Regent, or may conduct a Concillium(A vote to depose the Monarch, as well as an Election for Candidacy to Rulership. Anyone may be nominated.)

* indicates a leadership position that must adhere to leadership posting requirements

Fata Terminology

The Fading A disease that spread through the Unseelie and Seelie Courts for several decades, rendering the Fata mortal and slowly killing them until their numbers dwindled so low they were forced to reach out to other means of spreading their genes.

Some [Soh-mee] The 'pure' classification of a pure blood Fata.

Awakened Half-breed fata that have been exposed to the drug Amaranth and 'awakened' their fata genes, suppressing any other magical genes they may have had.

Fata The term used to refer to faerie, fey, fae, fata or fatum. All refer to the same creatures of the earth.

Fata Abilities
All Fatum Innate Abilities

All Fata have the following powers naturally:


    The natural ability of the Fae, this is the ability to create simplistic personal illusions to hide and mask the appearance of a Fatum. Often limited to modifying personal features and rarely to change the very nature of the user. Ability of this kind varies from Fata to Fata. Some can illicit feelings and emotion in reference to themselves in others using their Glamour. Making their victims see them as benevolent, malign, beautiful, fearsome, or ordinary.

Immortal and Loving it:

    All Fata cease aging on reaching maturity. They may live for hundreds of years without apparent aging, though it is said psychics, talented, and even some ordinary humans can sometimes feel the weight of an older Fatum. Fae are naturally resistant to physical harm and tend to survive even the most vicious of attacks. They are immune to most known diseases, and possess an inhuman level of strength, dexterity. They are often effortlessly graceful and can lift a few times the normal human amount.


    Each Fatum is gifted with a primary domain of power and often develop a second related lesser domain of power. Their primary domain often manifests as a power or ability, but can extend to encompass all the powers of that spectrum and may even allow the Fatum to manipulate the abilities of others relating to that power. The second rarely develops as far. Their domain is often a part of their title among other Fatum.
All Fatum Weaknesses

Unlike other types of powers and abilities on Black Prism, the Fatum are not subjected to 'time based' restrictions. Instead they are subjected to natural-based weaknesses. Most specifically:

Iron and Technology:

    All Fata have a potent allergy to Iron in it's purest forms. Upon touching it their skin begins to burn. Their powers are rarely strong enough to overcome direct iron. They may feel uneasy in cars or become nauseated when spending too long in the city. Their magics may break or go dormant when around iron. Awakened Fata are generally stronger against this weaknesses than Pure Fata.

Elemental Opposition:

    If a Fata's domain is an element (fire, water, earth, etc), whichever weaknesses or oppositions that element has, the Fata also will have. Fire to water. Metal to wood. Light to dark. Etc.


    Unlike for actual people, superstitions are a real threat to Fata. A black cat crossing their path will actually bring bad luck. Stepping on a crack could in fact break their mother's back. Four leaf clovers will allow their magic to work in cities, while they can't affect a victim who's clothes are turned inside out. Etc.

Character Creation Limitations

An Awakened Fata may begin play with Glamour/Immortality and 1 Domain of Power and must have iron as a weakness. If they were awakened via the drug Amaranth that character must be of a traditional mortal age. An Awakened Fata may be of either court but will usually join the Unseelie Court.

A Pure Fata may begin play with Glamour/Immortality and 2 Domain Powers but must have iron and a secondary weakness. They may be of any age range. A Pure Fata may be of either court but will usually be a member of the Seelie Court.

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