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Breaking News!
  • FO: Tragedy strikes Lochstone again, in a devastating attack by the once quiet Forgotten Ones. Rrumors fly that both sides of Lochstone knew something like the attack would happen - and did nothing to prevent it.
  • FO: Spectrum Leaders hid in bunker, the South taking up arms while Blackguards flooded the streets to fight back. Restless stirrings remain in the city, and their faith in either powers of the North and South. Cont.
  • FO: Latest Report stands, the Chromeria Dormitories, Chromeria Blackguard Training Rooms, West Specter Dollhouse, Live Rose Mall, Elephant Butte Hotel, Jerry's Bail Bonds, Loch and Dock Market all destroyed by FO.
  • City repairs have been underway since quiet fell upon the city.(ICly all repairs shall be completed March 1st and on).
  • Shock still remains during repairs as people try to stand back up on their feet. People pour in from out of city to assist, funds flow from numerous fundraisers and benefactors. But how sincere is the support? Or is it all a play to profit from misery.
  • Paige Bradley and Jaxon Press seen at Blood Drive soon after FOA. Both refused to answer any questions or concerns regarding recent events in the city.
  • Rumors abound, reports find Blackguards seen in the South. Restless murmurings across Lochstone since FOA. Who can be trusted?
  • Love is in the air! Rumor has it that the esteemed Head Blackguard to the Orange was seen playing 'hide the sausage' with a handsome young man - in an Impala no less! Can't say they weren't rolling in style. Wonder how Luxlady Orange feels about this.
  • The New Orange has appeared ill in public, is her new position too much for her already? Rumors fly about suspected condition.
  • Things still rocky in Lochstone, but Cupid's Carnival was not deterred despite hiccups. Blind dates aplenty, wonder who's going to be naughty, who's going to be nice. Any drunken weddings or such surprises?

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 Map, Map of Lochstone, Washington Territories
 Posted: Jun 10 2015, 07:36 PM
the mermaid
money to spend
Time Zone: EST

Territory Control

Original map by MapsMapsMaps, edited/manipulated for use on Black Prism by Zira.

Lochstone, Washington, USA as a whole is home to thousands of upon thousands of citizens.

Guild Territories

Territories and Guilds of Lochstone are many and each controls a different form of criminal business within their individual territories predominantly.

The Chromeria owns most of the northern portion of Lochstone, Washington. From businesses to residential communities. Their home base is centered within the school on the top floor of the largest building in the school. A 'headmasters' quarters as it were. All of the Chromatic Council, including the Prism, live at the Chromeria in similar quarters.

School of Chromaturgy, the Chromeria
The school is a private, residential, educational facility. The youngest student of record is approximately the age of twelve and every student is a drafter, at minimum a monochrome. Before attending the drafting school they attend standard educational schools (elementary, middle school, etc). Students enter into the school at various ages as some drafters suffer financial instability and must barter their way to a scholarship or sponsorship. The school teaches until such a time that the drafter is declared an expert in the color or colors. This has been known to exceed fifteen years of education.

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Cityscape was made for Black Prism exclusively by Delphi.
Many people were helpful during this process and many of them have been added to the Credits section in the banner. Cityscape may not be duplicated or replicated without expressed consent from Delphi.
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