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  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! The North, the South, no one is left unscathed in the recent masscare of people on both sides of the river. The main targets confirmed to of been people in positions of power, more info inside.
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! Emergency Broadcast all over the world. The Chromeria, and the Sa'Kage are once again at WAR after a failed stalemate and peace of seven years that began in 2010 and was centralized in 2012, five years ago.
  • DoS: It's World War between Chromeria and Sa'kage as Axelle Marovich takes command of the Sa'Kage. She is seen executing her predecessor Julian Silverlin on international television. But was it really him?
  • The killings have seem to stop, for now. But people are in a world wide panic, skirmishes have begun in the thousands all over the world. Leaving millions injured, thousands killed. Businesses are collapsing...
  • On all accounts, hundreds of people including the Blackguard themselves are under scrutiny for how any of this has happened...Spectrum overwhelmed by the public's desperate questions of what to do now, how to protect themselves.
  • In the wake of War how are the Prism, and Green going to juggle their relationship now? Is Paradise going to be lost elsewhere?
  • Artistry in Lochstone seems to be on the climb as more, and more artists pull themselves out of the woodwork.
  • Rumor has it, something strange is whispering inside of the Unseelie Sithen. Is it true that Awakened are weaker than Some? Can King Pyre keep his Kingdom together?
  • People are asking, curious, what side of the War are the Fatum going to fall on? Is the Sa'Kage going to enforce the Unseelie on their side? Seelie on the Chromeria's?
  • The Orange seems fit to burst, the baby should be coming soon and still no answers about who the daddy is or whether or not it's going to have a mommy and daddy or two mommies or a bunch of each!
  • There appears to be a rise in people turning to the fata drug Amaranth, seeking salvation, pleasure, escape. The rumors fly that people are trying to overdose on it.
  • There is a rise in Shifters in Lochstones, reports say as is a body count of those possibly afflicted by Meisters. Are they apart of the new Shinga's army that so effortlessly took out positions of power on both sides?

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 [Bi] Ilithyia Warren [B & Y] BG
the mermaid
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Dec 18 2015, 08:50 PM
Ilithyia Remi Warren
Character Basics

Nickname (s)
Remi, Ill, Venom
Date of Birth
January 2nd, 1982
Aromantic Hedonistic
Bichrome - Blue and Yellow
Beholden Territory
Chromeria Island
Personal Blackguard to the Superviolet
Face Claim
Natalie Dormer

Quick Reference

Eye Color
Hair Color


Overbearing Authority
Physical Appearance
Standing at a menacing 5'6", Ilithyia is not something visibly to be afraid of, and actually she uses this to her advantage. The woman typically lives a dual life, one of the blackguard and one of the 'infiltrator.' Ill is slender and relatively fit, as characteristic of the blackguard and their ridiculous workout regiment. Her curves are relatively nonexistent, 'mildly' shapely but often hidden beneath blackguard uniforms or overly comfortable clothing.

Her face would be considered 'heart' shaped with wide-set almond-shaped eyes, bright blue in color. Brilliant blue, in fact, enhanced by the blue luxin and shimmered by the yellow she wields as a drafter. Some people would consider her eyes memorizing, distracting even as the pattern of her luxin over her naturally bright blue eyes is difficult to see but if looking closely Ill's eyes look like lightning strikes. Her lips are very thin and naturally a slight shade darker than her natural pale smooth skin tone. Her nose is long while her nostrils are considered 'wide'.

Ilithyia's hair is always kept long as a staple though she does take pride in some unique styling (such as shaving the side) and typically kept 'up' in some fashion (either a braid or a bun), if its ever kept down its left wild and unkempt. Color-wise its blonde with minimal coloring; though naturally she has darker low lights and this can effect the perception of her hair color in certain lighting.

Ilithyia is as close to sociopathic without being diagnosed. There are two distinct personalities that Ilithyia maintains, the most frequent and the most truthful is the 'blackguard' persona. A hardass woman of 'no care' attitude who demands attention just by being present in a room. She's not typically expressive, having excellent 'resting bitch face' only she might actually be being a bitch. She's relatively judgmental, particularly when it comes to those she considers physically weak or feeble minded. She's not particularly helpful in training other blackguards but she has been known as a type of bogeyman around the Chromeria (commonly referred to as Venom, probably deriving from the komodo dragon vir-beast at her side). She is perpetually affected by her drafting of blue and thus side is typically dominant. Clear-headed and rational is the deadly blackguard.

The other side, is a mask, and an expert one. Probably derivative of a former life or what 'might have been,' but when Ilithyia chooses to 'wear this mask' its completely undetectable. Not exactly cheery, but what someone would expect out of a person, she can express emotion much better and even be flirtatious. Though mindset wise, she's not interested in any sort of personable relationship, people are pawns to further gains.

There are not many pastimes that Ilithyia enjoys, she's usually consumed with 'work' and the next goal. She has no family, just a goal, and when she sets her mind to a goal she doesn't stop until she achieves it.


Bichrome - Yellow and Blue
3 Hours Before Color Sickness
8 Hours
Blackout, physical exhaustion, coma, color blindness
Abilities and Weaknesses
Ilithyia is discrete in her drafting, only able to draft the exact colors she's been found to draft. No more, no less--meaning she cannot touch the upper levels of superviolet or sub-red, or the lower levels of green. Blue and Yellow only. She is unable to achieve perfect luxin, but otherwise is well-versed in her colors. Being so specialized its no wonder, she'd had several years of practice.


    Ilithyia is highly combative, using her luxin to create weapons that last at her hip for several days if she 'seals or coats' them with Yellow. Eventually they disintegrate, but she's also really skilled at forging weapons and projectiles on the fly. Her favorite is packing luxin beneath her skin, often giving her skin a blue tinge to use later. This most often looks as if her veins are ready to rupture and only historically has lent evidence towards her nickname: Venom.


    Ilithyia's drafting of yellow is rather minimal, only able to achieve the liquid form of it. She uses it to coat and seal her weapons and armor for longevity purposes. Forcing her blue luxin to last significantly longer before disintegrating or needing repairs/redrafted. She has no use for Yellow by itself.


    Enchantment - Ilithyia has had this ability for so long she's unsure where it derived. Even as a child Ilithyia could enchant her toys with special abilities. It requires a cool concentration and an item and whatever Ilithyia imagines the item doing will be done. Invisibility? Sure. Forces things to be see-through? Absolutely. The only problem is, the item she enchants must be destroyed before she can enchant another. This works particularly well with her luxin items as they deteriorate rather quickly.
    Ilithyia has a rather unique take on color sickness. She is typically able to draft up to three hours before she becomes physically ill, however, due to her stubborn and bull-headed nature she has the capability of continuing to draft for up to two hours more until her body collapses and enters a coma from sheer exhaustion. A handy trick when dealing with immediate combat. If she exhausts herself to this extent, she will require hospital care as she will be completely comatose for at minimum 52 hours if she wakes up from it. And when she wakes up she's typically colorblind for an additional three hours.

    Standard color sickness, while she feels typical symptoms of nausea and upset stomach, do not bother her.


      As most blackguards, Ilithyia has been highly trained in multiple forms of combat. Her favorite being anything involved with dual wielding: handguns and luxin knives especially. Her specialty is handguns and close combat fighting.
Rangda- (Written by Marie) - Named after the child eating queen of the witches in Indonesian Mythology, this virbeast was made from a komodo dragon. She's not only faster, stronger, and more dealy than the traditional lizard, which is saying something, but she's also more dexterous. She is fond of being Up, as in above everyone. Climbing into rafters or on rooftops before she pounces more like a panther than a lizard.

Rangda has two styles of venom, one that kills without cure, as a combination of the natural bacteria in her mouth and the vir that has infected her, and another that causes serious damage but may knock a target out. She also regenerates at an alarming rate, healing lost limbs in a matter of hours and recovering from bullet wounds in minutes. In fact the only way to take her down permanently is by dropping her in a pit of acid. Even fire won't do it.

Her appearance is similar to the base komodo, with the exception of her maw, which has rows of descending and ascending teeth based on the bite she wishes to give and the vir markings which pattern her underbelly from tip of the tail to jaw. She is fond of live prey, sleeping in Ilithyia's bed right in the middle, and children, which can freely ride her without fear. Oh and Nutella. She loves Nutella.

Trigger Warnings
Child Abuse/Manipulation
Mother: Alesia Campbell (+17) // Father: Benton Warren (+18) // Siblings: Unknown

Ilithyia was born to a teenage couple that couldn't beat the thriving theme in the United States. Teenage pregnancy. Thankfully, these children didn't believe themselves good enough parents and thought to do the 'right' thing by giving her up for adoption. Unluckily, it was not a loving couple that couldn't have children that gained access to Ilithyia. No, it was an organization run by the Sa'Kage beholden to the New York sector by the name of Imperial Corps.

Imperial Corps was a front company of one of the many assassin guilds in America. It was a special project funded by the guild and the New York sector Sa'Kage to produce high-end payout assassins to mercenary to other Sa'Kage's and/or send home to Lochstone. The object was to build perfect warriors, and in that endeavor they started with children. Ilithyia was placed into a group of individuals as the 'ninth' test subject and given the name Ilithyia (representative of I). All other individuals in her group were given Ancient Greek names representative of the alphabet.

From infancy, she and the other 25 test subjects were reared to be assassins, espionage specialists, perfect warriors. It was a dog eat dog world, and by the time she was thirteen only twenty of them had survived. She was a battered and broken girl, but it was her 'mother' (the lead on the project) that recognize a familiar glint in her eye. A blue glint, shimmering and stagnant, distinctly different than any of the other specialists.

Omega, for that was 'mother's' name, called in a specialist they had on retainer to come examine her. They 'field tested' her for drafting capabilities and she was found to have drafting capabilities. Initially the program suggested terminating her in the project but Omega saw potential in having a well-trained and essentially brainwashed drafter at their disposal.

Ilithyia was sent to a small-time chromaturgy school unknown by the Chromeria's powers that it was controlled by the Sa'Kage--at least financially. Her 'contract' was sponsored by an alias and background so any Chromeria employees couldn't link her back to the Sa'Kage, but she was there. Many of the drafter-sponsorships were controlled by Sa'Kage patrons and many contracts were pulled in favor of Sa'Kage 'jobs.' Most drafters at the Chromaturgy School of Upstate New York were only pawns to catch a bigger Queen. But it served its purpose and Ilithyia was formerly placed through the Thresher, passed with interesting marks in lack of terror or really any emotion really, and was discovered a monochrome leaning on bichrome. Since it was a Chromaturgy school controlled by the Sa'Kage she was quickly listed as, and trained, as a bichrome.

As any brainwashed 'student' she excelled at drafting, but just because she was enlisted in a new 'class' did not mean her old classes ended. It was drafting by day and Omega's lessons at night. Sleep was a hard commodity to come by. Over the years she passed many tests, molded into exactly the beast they wanted her to become and eventually--at the age of 17--they had grander ideas for a small town drafter. They sent her to the official head Chromeria and enlisted her in blackguard training.

This was a tricky situation, however, because typically the Chromeria purchased the contract of the blackguard student so they officially owned and employed them until the blackguard could pay off their debt--if the blackguard could pay off her debt. However, in this case, Ilithyia was so fully ingrained into Sa'Kage culture she was released officially from their care. An individually operating agent. This was a celebration and Omega gifted her Rangda, a creature so unique at the time that even Imperial Corps had no idea where she received such a creature.

Ilithyia's transfer into the blackguard was almost seamless. She was so gifted at the program she was a full fledged blackguard by nineteen, passing any assignment they handed her. Of course she pretended to be worse than she was, had to 'learn' something from the Chromeria Blackguard program. She was quickly given her own battalion of blackguards to control some few years later and occasionally she would receive word from Omega about an assignment particularly of interest to the Sa'Kage.

The local Sa'Kage knows very little about Imperial Corps, they chose to remain rather independent lest the Sa'Kage ever be taken down by the Chromeria they would still have the upperhand at taking it back. Imperial Corps has deals in pharmaceutical companies, construction, real estate and several high engineering companies.

She's renowned around the Chromeria for being a crazy bitch--what little do they know.

RP Sample
The hallway to the blackguard quarters was hushed with whispers as Ilithyia returned to the barracks in full black armament. She'd been out on assignment, her uniform was saturated with blood and she still held both of her weapons clutched in her fists; anger clearly written across her features. Typically, Ilithyia was a pillar of statuesque perfection, but clearly something had gone wrong. Her regiment followed behind her, just as deadly silent and almost perfectly matching her footsteps.

The woman entered into the main training room, those there looked towards her as her presence simply commanded attention. Her long blonde hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail, which only served to make her face more square and appear more menacing. "If I hear so much as one groan of complaint, you'll fight me." Ilithyia yelled into the room. The anger in her voice and the rage in her eyes clear. Very clear. She wasn't playing. And the fight, should it happen, would be bloody.

atlys. // Delphi#4850

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