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Breaking News!
  • FOA: Four months since the Forgotten Ones Attack, and Lochstone more or less remains still in silence undisturbed...How long will it last this time?
  • FOA: City fully restored and healed it seems from latest Lochstone attack, but people are still weary.
  • FOA: Many people are still without homes since the attack, or are left scarred, scared and broken. The last of funeral calls ring however, spring brings healing...all hope.
  • Tensions remain bubbling in the South as the profitable high from the city attack is slabbing off finally as the city is on the mend.
  • Graduation from the High Chromeria is just around the corner, the Sending just around the bend.
  • It's Musical Chairs High Spectrum style! They really have a hard time keeping Council members don't they? The Orange, The Black, The Blue, who's next?!
  • Warmer weather, warmer tempers. The Shinga's Block Party ended with the man near strangling another until would be victim was escorted away...More info inside.
  • Rumors abound of once more troubles in paradise for Julian Silverlin as witnesses confirm it was Jake Epson who pulled aside a man from the party that Julian attacked.
  • Prism Luxlord Jaxon Press appears to be a bit worn down as of late maybe even ill, and Paige Bradley obviously affected. Speculations arise.
  • The Superviolet throws a fantastic charity awareness event where several fellow Spectrum figures support with enthusiasm along with many wealthy donors.
  • Spring brings baby showers! The Orange is pregnant?! And in love? Photo's of Luxlady Orange with a rugged man as they sit in the sun to soak up the heat, and we see a baby bump! Who's the daddy?!
  • LPD (Lochstone Police Department) complain to the High Spectrum that there is a rising death count in the city, blame thrown at Meisters occur and Spectrum inability to contain them...More inside.
  • Older male reported to be seen munching on person, rabid shapeshifter? Cannibalizing Fata? Zombies?! Witnesses cannot confirm the nature of the sighting except to say it was horrifying.
  • Local artist Dionysus Ganymede shared to Instagram a picture of the Shinga alongside a man with unmentionables painted onto his face. No reports on who the man was. Is this a new form of punishment by the infamous Shinga?
  • The Green is to sponsor an upcoming charity event at a gallery, she never fails to give her support to citizens of Lochstone.
  • It happens every year, yet this time people are ravenous in gossip about the Sending. It's the Spectrum culling 'monsters' of society right? After so much devastation people want a justice, a cleansing they can cling to.

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Time Zone: EST
Jun 9 2015, 10:08 PM
1.Here on Black Prism we use Out of Character Alias', as an example the admin's name is Delphi. A character and an OOC name may not share the same name. That is Delphi cannot make a character named Delphi. Furthermore, no two characters may share the same names either. I.E. We cannot have two Alex's running around UNLESS one of them always goes by a nickname. For example: We have Alex Marshall and Alex Smith but Alex Marshall only goes by Marshall, than that would be acceptable. We want to avoid tag confusion (same reason for no OOC/IC names being identical).

Non-validated accounts cannot see the entire board, but they can get started in making a character. Accounts waiting on validation have access to all the information, the Unfinished forum, and The Foundry where all finished applications are submitted for approval. That way, new members do not have to wait for validation before they can begin their journey! No waiting on staff! All OOC tasks should be completed with this OOC account! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

ic name/sub-accounts
2.Black Prism uses the sub-account system offered by JCINK. Every character will have their own account that you may register upon completion or production of your application to the site. However, you may not play with the account/character until the application has been approved by a staff member. Character Accounts should read 'First Name' 'Last Name' where applicable (there is wiggle room on this, if you have questions please ask).

To link your account, simply Click My Controls in the upper-right corner of your main/ooc account. From here beneath Personal Profile you will find Edit Sub-Accounts where you can link your character's account to your OOC Alias!

The Player
3.Black Prism is aimed to be a community environment, a safe place where roleplayers can come to have fun, world and character-build. It is not meant to be stressful. This means that everyone on Black Prism is expected to have respect for each other and each other's characters. Anyone found bullying or targeting other members for any reason will receive one warning, and one warning only. While many do not agree there should be any warnings, we believe that sometimes people don't know they're doing something until it's pointed out to them. If the bullying or targeting continues, that player will be asked to leave Black Prism. However, any blatant discrimination of player or character for sexuality, race, religion, personal interests, etc is subject to being banned without warning.
IC =/= OOC, In Character does not equal Out of Character
4. While this is kind of self explanatory, this seems to be a problem on several sites I've been a part of or even just visited. It is okay to be not particularly fond of a character OOC, it is not alright to trash-talk or bash said player for not being fond of the character. If you don't like a character because they are mean, that means the player is playing that character the way they are meant to be played. Mean people exist in this world. Please do the mature thing and realize that a character is a character not the image of the player, or what the player thinks of you.
5. Black Prism is a mature rated roleplaying game, as a result all players must be over the age of eighteen. Child characters are acceptable (more information on this in character rules), but those characters may not participate in any sexual or highly gore-filled plots. All mature sexual scenes and explicit violence will be appropriately placed in the Mature Board so that the average member does not simply stumble across it. Furthermore, some plots may be difficult for some members, if a pair is playing out a plot line that may trigger another player if read it is considered respectful to mark that thread with a trigger warning (one or two words suffices).
RL > IC activity
6. Real life always takes precedence over roleplay, there is no questioning that. While Black Prism will have activity checks, they will be infrequent and (hopefully) follow large enough plots that all 'required' posting would have been fulfilled. If you become overwhelmed and wish to drop characters, all we ask is that a player posts in the respective records requesting to remove them. Additionally, if a player has not logged into at least one of their accounts after one month, the ooc alias and all of its sub-accounts will be deleted unless there is a notice of leave posted in which case a player will be given an extra month outside of their notice before this rule applies. While the accounts will be deleted, the information will be archives in case the player ever decides to return.
Posting and word count Requirements
7. There is no word count. Please give your partners something they can work with, though.

All posts should be written in third person with the appropriate grammar and spelling. That is to say, all posts should be in third person and make sense. Comma splices and run-on sentences occasionally are fine but "He went 2 d mall" is not.

8. Avatars are 250 width by 450 height. All character accounts should have an avatar of their character, or at least associated with their character. If you do not have a way of resizing images, this picture resizer is a godsend! If you can't figure this one out, feel free to ask Delphi to resize an image of your choice, she'll have no problem doing so.
9.Black Prism utilizes a complex mini-profile with a lot of information on it. We understand this can be daunting, and please if you have any questions about it we'd be glad to answer them for you! As it is, it employs a mini-graphic on the inside the exact size of 250 width by 75 height. This GIF site resizes and crops gifs of your choice uploaded from the internet. All of the other information on the mini-profile is textual and should be fairly easy to figure out. If you have any difficulties with either the GIF Cropper/Resizer, feel free to let Delphi know, she'll help you out.
Templates and doHTML
10.Posting templates, thread tracker templates, history templates, all of these are welcome on Black Prism as we employ the DoHTML function of jcink. While it is not required, it can be a cool way to express yourself and/or your character. Templates may not exceed a width of 500px as this is likely to stretch the forum on a smaller resolution. You can find several premade templates on the resource sites listed near the chatbox.
11.Signatures may also not exceed a maximum width of 500px and a maximum height of 400px. There is some flexibility in this, but please keep the height of your signatures reasonable in size. If it is too large, and/or someone complains, you will be asked to resize or remove your signature. HTML is also enabled for all members to edit their signatures as they please, keeping these parameters in mind.
The Character
The usual
12. No Godmodding, metaplaying, or general snafus. Godmoding is a player playing another person's character, including thoughts, reactions and otherwise. Metaplaying is a player responding to information that the character is unaware of but the player knows. Metaplaying tends to be abused more often than godmodding these days, and that is because most people don't understand when they are metaplaying. That's okay. If you are warned about metaplaying, the first few times it's okay. We can't correct ourselves unless we know what we're doing wrong, an open line of communication with your partner helps. However, using the loophole of 'it's not in the rules' as a way to validate continued mistakes will not be tolerated as an excuse, all roleplayers understand the do's and dont's, use your experiences to shape your experience here.
13. While Black Prism is based off of two book series written by the same author, it is set in an entirely different reality. As a result, Night Angel and Lightbringer canons such as Kylar Stern, Durzo Blint, Dollgirl, Gavin Guile, Kip and the rest of the gang, will not be played on site. We will be 'original character' only. You are welcome to adapt characters you have used previously, and we will help you with that, as long as they fit into this universe. (Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds).
Ranking/Power characters
14.There are several ranks/positions available for members, and several that have the ability to rotate based on plot. You can find all of that information in the 'Powers & Information' section. Players of these positions are expected to post at least 1-2 times per week to hold that position. While this is a flexible rule, and we will take it into consideration that you have other characters you play, we hope that our ranking officials provide you enough muse to meet this 'standard.' While the character will not be removed from you should you fail to meet this 'requirement,' you may be asked to step-down from the position and give someone else a turn. This may also occur even if you meet the requirement (if all parties agree), just to give other people a chance of playing that 'rank.' Trust us though, the plot fodder and potential prizes associated with stepping down/being removed from position would be well worth it!
Character Maximum
15.We do not have a character maximum here on Black Prism, though we do discourage any characters over the amount of ten. The way this world is built, ten characters should allow a player to participate in any small or large plot running on site in any territory. If you find you are having difficulty keeping up with your threads, there is no shame in dropping characters for your own sanity.
Character Limitations
16.There aren't many, we promise. Child characters are acceptable on Black Prism, but they may not be younger than the age of 13 as a played character (NPC children of a younger age are fine). No character under the age of 18 may participate in any mature content, no negotiation. Unnatural hair colors and eye colors may not exist outside of dye-jobs, contacts, and drafters (this means no violet eyes unless you're a violet drafter). Drafters are an exception to this rule because of the way their magic manifests and is used, you can find more information in the Powers & Information location.

A player may not join as a a multi-Talented (so no Blue/Red Mages, no Blue Wetboys), Polychrome, Superchromat, White, Black or Paryl Chromat, or a Leader of any kind. These can be earned through our Achievement System. While there is no limitation on creating a Color Wight, it is not recommended to start with these.

Face Claims and Play-by's
17.A player is not required to use a face claim to play on Black Prism. However, if a player chooses to use a face claim it must be a real person, no artwork or anime characters, sorry. Smaller-known models (such as deviant art models) are welcome as long as the player has permission of that model to use their face. For example, there are several models such as LaraJade who have requested their work is not used for roleplay purposes. It is recommended to use more well-known faces but this is only because people who like to make graphics tend to make gifts for others and having a limited pool of model images sucks for the creator.

Characters may not share face claims unless they are twins or on special occasions, but that must be approved by staff and the original owner of the face, we don't want a bajillion twins running around right?

We understand that players like to have their older characters appear younger, and that's great, but we do try for some semblance of realism so let's not have a 25 year old face claim represent a 60 old citizen. Furthermore, since we allow children, face claims under the age of 13 may not be used at all while face claims under the age of 18 may not represent a character over the age of eighteen and then used for mature content.

Plots and Events
18. Here on Black Prism we run site wide plots and mini events. As always real life comes before Black Prism. However there are a few basic rules when it comes to participating in an event. Each plot or event may have it's own rules. The following are a basic guideline and etiquette on how to handle a plot. There is nothing wrong if you don't think you can't keep up with a plot. They are meant to be fast moving, and full of drama.

19. When you commit to playing in a plot, all plot posts come first. It is common practice for all other threads to be slow moving during a plot. That is because here on Black Prism we want to keep the plot moving. Once a plot starts to slow down, it ends up becoming dry. We strive to make it interesting and exciting.

Typically staff will post once every 24 hours. Members normally are expected to post 1-2 times in between. The plot will go on regardless if you have posted or not. We will typically give a warning via c-box that we plan to post soon, or around a time. This is to give members a heads up. Of course we aren't all perfect and things happen in RL that keeps us from posting once a day. That is perfectly fine, we just ask you communicate with us.

At the end of all plot post please give a quick recap of the post. This is for ease of staff when we are making prompts/ prizes. What it will look like is after your post outside of your template or spaced down below your text are dashes (-) followed by quick recaps/ bullet points. For example:
-Paige ran to Jaxon and pushed him down
-Yelled for everyone to duck
-Bomb exploded

There is no posting order, unless stated otherwise. Please don't back to back post, but unless you really need to, do not wait for another member to post. Do your prompts/ plot stuff when you can.

20. This is a big one. Sometimes prompts are vague. This could be because we want the character to figure it out, or we just didn't explain enough. Please, please, please, let us know if you're confused via Skype or PM. If someone's response confuses you, reach out to them, and if you can't get a hold of them, grab staff. Miscommunication happens, and that's okay. Let's just try to nip it in the butt as much as we can. This is all for fun, and remember if someone doesn't understand something, it isn't personal.
And Finally
I am an adult!
00.In submitting an application and joining Black Prism, you are expressing that you have read all the rules and applicable information and will abide by them. Should you break a rule, you will accept any repercussions with grace and dignity. You understand that not remembering rules is not an excuse for breaking them, though we promise to also understand that memory lapses occur. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding rules or information, do not hesitate to contact staff. We do not bite and would love to hear what you have to think!
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Cityscape was made for Black Prism exclusively by Delphi.
Many people were helpful during this process and many of them have been added to the Credits section in the banner. Cityscape may not be duplicated or replicated without expressed consent from Delphi.
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