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Breaking News!
  • FO: Tragedy strikes Lochstone again, in a devastating attack by the once quiet Forgotten Ones. Rrumors fly that both sides of Lochstone knew something like the attack would happen - and did nothing to prevent it.
  • FO: Spectrum Leaders hid in bunker, the South taking up arms while Blackguards flooded the streets to fight back. Restless stirrings remain in the city, and their faith in either powers of the North and South. Cont.
  • FO: Latest Report stands, the Chromeria Dormitories, Chromeria Blackguard Training Rooms, West Specter Dollhouse, Live Rose Mall, Elephant Butte Hotel, Jerry's Bail Bonds, Loch and Dock Market all destroyed by FO.
  • City repairs have been underway since quiet fell upon the city.(ICly all repairs shall be completed March 1st and on).
  • Shock still remains during repairs as people try to stand back up on their feet. People pour in from out of city to assist, funds flow from numerous fundraisers and benefactors. But how sincere is the support? Or is it all a play to profit from misery.
  • Paige Bradley and Jaxon Press seen at Blood Drive soon after FOA. Both refused to answer any questions or concerns regarding recent events in the city.
  • Rumors abound, reports find Blackguards seen in the South. Restless murmurings across Lochstone since FOA. Who can be trusted?
  • Love is in the air! Rumor has it that the esteemed Head Blackguard to the Orange was seen playing 'hide the sausage' with a handsome young man - in an Impala no less! Can't say they weren't rolling in style. Wonder how Luxlady Orange feels about this.
  • The New Orange has appeared ill in public, is her new position too much for her already? Rumors fly about suspected condition.
  • Things still rocky in Lochstone, but Cupid's Carnival was not deterred despite hiccups. Blind dates aplenty, wonder who's going to be naughty, who's going to be nice. Any drunken weddings or such surprises?

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 What it is, and how to use it.
 Posted: Jun 29 2015, 12:25 PM
the mermaid
money to spend
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Achievement Unlocked!
What is it?
The achievement system is a way of 'leveling up' your character through participation in plots and activity on site. 'Level Up' in this instance, is not literal. We don't have real character 'levels' on site, it's just a cute vernacular to indicate progression in power and abilities. Essentially, players will submit a review of everything they've done on site to indicate to staff their activity. This review will include links to all threads and challenges the player/character has participated in within the last few months, per achievement. You only need to link enough that you believe is sufficient activity to justify the need or want to level up your character.

The same time the review is submitted, a player will write-out what they want to earn using the level up system (this is explained in more detail in the form below). Keep in mind that if a player requests too much at one time, they will be asked to minimize their level up 'want.' That does not mean that a player can't submit another one at another time to further upgrade their character. Let's just not get all overpowered too quickly, eh?

Once an achievement level up has been submitted, Indigo and I will take a look at everything you've done and make a request of you. You will be asked to play in a thread as if the character has this ability, or is developing this ability with a prompt (plotttyyy). Once that thread has a few posts in it, reply back here, we will take a look and approve the achievement. We ask this of you, not because we doubt your abilities, but sometimes playing it out the power or ability ends up not being what/how you want it to be, and since we have the rules we have established we don't want you to regret that decision. Also we're totally nosy and just want to see what you do with it.

Currently, this system can be used to earn titles and ranks, additional established powers/colors, unique powers, other abilities, unique magical items, and plot prompts that result in unique prizes.

There are very few rules associated with the achievement system and upgrading your character:
  1. A character must be older than twenty days, however, characters that do not have many posts will be asked to return once they are more established.
  2. No back to back upgrade requests, there must be a sixty day lapse before another upgrade is requested. There are some exceptions to this, such as smaller achievements, that will be considered on a case by case basis. If you think you should be allowed an earlier achievement review, please feel free to discuss it with Delphi.
  3. Challenges must be different per achievement. Larger achievements require 4-5 unique challenges and smaller achievements would require 2-3. If you're unsure what would be required of your achievement, feel free to reach out to us and we'll try and help.
  4. Please submit the code below here, the Achievement section, not in this thread.
  5. Inactive Achievement Level Ups, ones that have had no progression for thirty days after a prompt has been provided, will be moved to archive. A player may resubmit with the same information, but we don't want it sitting here cluttering things up http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif.
Last Words
Please, please, please, please... do not be discouraged by this process. This is a reward system that you earn through enjoying Black Prism and normal play. This is not meant to be work, and in the event the Achievement System turns into something like that, we will rework it. Also, it's okay to be confused by this process, it's kind of strange, but we would be absolutely ecstatic to walk you through it when and if you choose to do so!

Last but not least, we ask you be patient during this process, it is not immediate. Reviews may take up to one week to provide you with your prompt as Indigo and I are not always available for achievement reviews (since we will be doing it together to avoid bias), and the prompt completion/participation depends on you. We believe a completed achievement level up will take approximately one month to complete, give or take a week depending on real life.

>> P.S. If it takes us longer than a week to give you your prompt, please smack us with fishes.


[b]Character Submitting:[/b] Name
[b]Character Application:[/b] [url=link]Application[/url]

Links to all challenges you've participated in here. You can organize this however you like, either by challenge type or just a list of whatever challenges. It does NOT matter if you won the challenge, only the participation and effort you put into it, is what matters.

Please link all threads the specific character you are looking to level up has been active in! If this is a second submission, please do not include threads that were used for the first level up UNLESS there are new posts in it that should be counted.

[b]Upgrade:[/b] What is it you're doing? Adding a power, title/rank, requesting a special plot?
[b]Rank/Title:[/b] What Rank or Title are looking to achieve. Ranks and titles CAN be submitted in tandem to other achievement reviews. If you are not submitting an achievement for a title/rank, this section can be removed.
[b]Power Description:[/b] If you're not submitting an achievement for a power you can delete this section. This section should be how you would add it to your character's application, this means a little paragraph describing the ins and outs of the power, what are the weaknesses? How does the power work for them? Remember this should be unique, just like the application, please don't copy and paste.

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