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Breaking News!
  • FO: Tragedy strikes Lochstone again, in a devastating attack by the once quiet Forgotten Ones. Rrumors fly that both sides of Lochstone knew something like the attack would happen - and did nothing to prevent it.
  • FO: Spectrum Leaders hid in bunker, the South taking up arms while Blackguards flooded the streets to fight back. Restless stirrings remain in the city, and their faith in either powers of the North and South. Cont.
  • FO: Latest Report stands, the Chromeria Dormitories, Chromeria Blackguard Training Rooms, West Specter Dollhouse, Live Rose Mall, Elephant Butte Hotel, Jerry's Bail Bonds, Loch and Dock Market all destroyed by FO.
  • City repairs have been underway since quiet fell upon the city.(ICly all repairs shall be completed March 1st and on).
  • Shock still remains during repairs as people try to stand back up on their feet. People pour in from out of city to assist, funds flow from numerous fundraisers and benefactors. But how sincere is the support? Or is it all a play to profit from misery.
  • Paige Bradley and Jaxon Press seen at Blood Drive soon after FOA. Both refused to answer any questions or concerns regarding recent events in the city.
  • Rumors abound, reports find Blackguards seen in the South. Restless murmurings across Lochstone since FOA. Who can be trusted?
  • Love is in the air! Rumor has it that the esteemed Head Blackguard to the Orange was seen playing 'hide the sausage' with a handsome young man - in an Impala no less! Can't say they weren't rolling in style. Wonder how Luxlady Orange feels about this.
  • The New Orange has appeared ill in public, is her new position too much for her already? Rumors fly about suspected condition.
  • Things still rocky in Lochstone, but Cupid's Carnival was not deterred despite hiccups. Blind dates aplenty, wonder who's going to be naughty, who's going to be nice. Any drunken weddings or such surprises?

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 Meisters and Vir, Under the Sa'Kage
 Posted: Sep 23 2015, 10:22 AM
the mermaid
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Meisters and Vir
Introduction and Basic Understanding
Meisters, or Vir-users, are a lot more complicated than the other information we have provided for you (I know, impossible right!?) So in this paragraph you'll find a super basic break down of it so that you, as a player, can determine if this is something you'd be interested in playing.

Vir and Meisters were introduced during a site-wide plot as a playable class September of 2015. In the novels, Vir and Meisters are strongly associated with religion and a very specific country and there is a huge heirarchy. As Black Prism typically does, we redesigned it, approximately 95% of the canon complexity and mechanism has been completely done away with in favor of simplicity--unlike other information on site that stays pretty close to the canon while simplifying, Vir is nearly completely AU and designed exclusively for Black Prism.

This is a very basic explanation, you can read the sections below if it interests you after this point to make one. It does get more complex than this basic explanation, please don't skip over the extended information thinking you can go off this because you will miss great chunks of information. Magically, Meisters are most similar to Talented. In essence, Vir is corrupted Talent. Meisters still have wells but their drawing mechanism is more complex. Meisters grow in magic by consuming human, or human-like, souls. Their magic uses this soul-essence to do their bidding. There are several kinds of specialties for Meisters (and ever growing, the information below is not an exhaustive list).

Like Drafters, Meisters have a physical characteristic that defines them as Meisters. Vir magically manifests beneath the top layer of skin on Meisters, forming an arrangement of black, thriving and living tattoos-like formations.

Meisters Are Part of the Sa'Kage

Meisters have fallen under the Sa'Kage, not because the Sa'Kage had any hope of controlling them but because the Chromeria wants absolutely nothing to do with them. They are a continuous black mark--literally--and they want society to view the Chromeria in light. As a result, the Shinga took advantage of Meisters being outcast from Northern Lochstone and opened the South's arms to them. The Sa'Kage treat Meisters very similarly to how they treat Talented (read: much better than regular citizens). They are offered more freedoms than basic humans, have more wiggle room to climb the crime-ladder and are generally used to wage war against the Chromeria.

Meisters are not required to affiliate themselves with a Guild, but it is becoming more and more common for every magic-users in Lochstone to affiliate with one out of camaraderie or friendliness, or even just because they don't want to be alone. (It is up to the player if they would like their Meister to join a Guild).

How to Become a Meister

Meisters have existed for a very long time, it is the act of corrupting or having a broken well. This can occur randomly, for no reason, and have no affiliation with deeds the Talented has committed. Most corrupted/broken wells occur about the age of puberty when Talent typically would be noticed. Since this kind of magic is unique to meisters, all other types of magic-wielders have been generally none-the-wiser of its existence. As a result, however, most Meisters and Meister-families have been keeping it a secret for generations in fear of what the world would do to them and teaching the generations within families and friends (it can also be learned through tomes/books that were previously written off as works of fiction). They have also been repressed, Meisters have not been this powerful in years as if something has been sucking their power. That something, was Goddard.

Since Goddard's death September 2015, meisters have felt more in-tune with their abilities. They have found it easier to keep their wells full enough to actually do magic, summon constructs, cast spells, etc., and felt powerful enough to actually reveal themselves. They have since, joined the conflict on the side of the Sa'Kage. For more information on the Sa'Kage, please make sure you read about Life in the Slums

Meister Terminology

Meister An individual that uses Vir to conduct magic.

Vir A living type of magic that requires the magical consumption of souls in order to continue doing magic.

Vir, is yet another form of magic in this universe. It is a living and breathing magic. Most people would associate Vir with demons or evil-doing because it uses soul magic to work. The initial cause for Vir to occur is a broken or corrupted well, broken wells can occur for other reason that it happened but is typically hereditary. In the beginning of usage, the Vir will use the meister's own soul to conduct magic. Which is why it is so important that a Meister get some sort of training either by familial ties or by tombs because if this happens for too long, the meister will be killed by their own magic, their own Vir will destroy them. The more spiritual users believe that the Vir is a gift from God, that it is God speaking through them and giving them His power (or whatever other denomination the believe believes in). Others believe its just a living form of magic like a symbiotic relationship, it's a parasite that allows them to have supernatural powers. There is no knowing either of these things. Regardless, Vir is the consumption or use of souls to create magic, to 'fill their well'. The more evil-inclined kill for their souls, some are elitists who will only kill certain kinds of people claiming more im/pure souls make better magic, while more good-inclined 'consume' the recently dead to do their magic.

The Meisters use Vir to cast magic that would be OOCly considered more 'plain' than the other kinds of magics on Black Prism, more closely associated with standard fantasy witchcraft. All Meisters have the ability to cast general spells, conduct curses, make potions, charms, see ghosts, really anything the player can imagine just don't be too over-powered with it. However, some meister's specialize! There are three classifications of specialization, which you can find more information on below. The player decides how each character uses their abilities and how good/bad aligned they are, it seems as though Vir is really evil-centric, we promise it's easy to go 'good'.

In Meisters, the Vir manifests in a variety of tattoo-like shapes that are black and wiggly. They seem to respond to the meister. As the meister consumes more and more souls, the manifestation grows (much like how luxin grows in the eyes of a drafter).

Meister Weaknesses

Common weaknesses of Meisters include but are not limited to: cold iron typically disrupts magic, white luxin has been theorized to affect Vir. Additionally, since all meisters can see ghosts it is possible that a powerful soul overpowers the meister--at least briefly--if the meister is not strong enough to take them.

A myth also exists that devouring/consuming a pure soul will cause the broken well to heal, removing the Vir completely. It's never really been tested, and not many meisters believe in this myth but it does exist. (Thank you Marie).

The Well

All meisters have a well. All meisters, unfortunately, have a broken well. It constantly leaks. They can constantly feel magic pouring from them. This occurs in various amounts from little leakage to large leakage. Because of this, broken wells do not perform the same way intact wells do. Wells are refilled by soul consumption, and number of souls reflects how full the well can become.

Keep in mind, the table below does not include the using of magic. These are leak rates, the use of the well will cause the well to empty quicker. You must also give parameters for how long a meister may use their magic if its full (exactly like you would for a Talent user).

Well Size Leakage Rate Depletion Rate With Use # Soul Recovery
Large Empty within < 7 hours of soul consumption 3-4 hrs straight use 4 Souls to fill completely
Medium Empty within < 5 hours of soul consumption 1-3 hrs straight use 2-3 Souls to fill completely
Small Empty within < 3 hours of soul consumption 30-1 hrs straight use 1-2 Souls to fill completely

Don't be afraid to mess with these parameters a bit, these aren't to limit you, it's to give you a guide. If we have a huge problem with any of the parameters you want during character creation we will discuss it! No worries!

The Specialties

There are currently three classifications of Meister: Construct, Ethos and Renaissance.

Construct Meister
Ethos Meister
Like all Meister's, Construct Meisters have the ability to cast spells, conduct curses, make potions, etc. but this is weaker than their real talent. Their real magic goes into making constructs! Some Meisters require a living vessel (usually animal of some kind) to pour their Vir into and make living golems while other meisters can make abstract constructs out of pure Vir. Constructs are essentially minions to do the Meister's bidding, and not the cute little yellow guys everyone has grown to know and love. Constructs may affiliate with any creature or abstract concept the player wishes. Constructs are in the design of the Meister, some may wish their constructs to be silent and emotionless--empty dolls--while others may enjoy company and create a companion-type construct. This is entirely up to the player AND can be both (generally speaking that would depend on the personality of the Meister)

Now, generally a Meister has the capability to form many constructs at one time, but these constructs are small and/or short lived because the construct lives off of the Meister's well, draining it pretty expertly if the construct lives for too long. However, many Meisters have mastered the ability to generate a small number of constructs that do not put a large drain on the Meister. These constructs live until killed and tend to have super-weak abilities like the Meister or one ability they do really well (player design). A player may join with one permanent construct to start, and may earn more through the achievement system or purchase more in the gem shop.

Like all Meisters, Ethos Meisters have the ability to cast spells, conduct curses, make potions, etc. but this is weaker than their real talent. Their real magic goes into using the souls they tend to consume. This is the specialty to command spirits--ghosts--that they have used to refill their well in corporeal form. Their essence refills the well, but their soul sticks around. This does not happen to all ghosts that are consumed, it requires a special magic voodoo the Meister does.

Generally, a Meister has the ability to control multiple souls they summon at one time, but these souls are very short lived as they live off the Meister's well, draining it quickly. However, many Meisters have mastered the ability to generate a small number of permanent souls that do not put a large drain on the Meister. Thees souls live until dismissed or effected by somebody else that can see/affect ghosts. These souls tend to have much weaker abilities that the Meister has, or one stronger ability (player design). A player may join with one permanent soul to start, and may earn more through the achievement system or purchase more in the gem shop.

Renaissance Meister
Is this it?
Like all Meisters, Renaissance Meisters have the ability to cast spells, conduct curses, make potions, etc. but unlike other specialties, these Meisters put their all into these abilities. As a result, these abilities are much stronger and longer lasting than the similar counterparts of the other specialties (Construct and Ethos). In short, no. These are just the ones we have come up with. If you have other thoughts you are more than welcome to contact staff and see if we can add another specialty for you, or forgoing that, you can help design it during play! We would love to work with you.
Thank you for reading!
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. None as of yet!
Have something to add or adjust?
The information here is not exhaustive, this is bare bones information to get you started in this world. If you have suggestions to add to the Meisters or information regarding the Vir you'd want explained/detailed, or you'd like something removed, Delphi is very willing to try and make Black Prism as accessible as possible. Just ask!
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