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Breaking News!
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! The North, the South, no one is left unscathed in the recent masscare of people on both sides of the river. The main targets confirmed to of been people in positions of power, more info inside.
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! Emergency Broadcast all over the world. The Chromeria, and the Sa'Kage are once again at WAR after a failed stalemate and peace of seven years that began in 2010 and was centralized in 2012, five years ago.
  • DoS: It's World War between Chromeria and Sa'kage as Axelle Marovich takes command of the Sa'Kage. She is seen executing her predecessor Julian Silverlin on international television. But was it really him?
  • The killings have seem to stop, for now. But people are in a world wide panic, skirmishes have begun in the thousands all over the world. Leaving millions injured, thousands killed. Businesses are collapsing...
  • On all accounts, hundreds of people including the Blackguard themselves are under scrutiny for how any of this has happened...Spectrum overwhelmed by the public's desperate questions of what to do now, how to protect themselves.
  • In the wake of War how are the Prism, and Green going to juggle their relationship now? Is Paradise going to be lost elsewhere?
  • Artistry in Lochstone seems to be on the climb as more, and more artists pull themselves out of the woodwork.
  • Rumor has it, something strange is whispering inside of the Unseelie Sithen. Is it true that Awakened are weaker than Some? Can King Pyre keep his Kingdom together?
  • People are asking, curious, what side of the War are the Fatum going to fall on? Is the Sa'Kage going to enforce the Unseelie on their side? Seelie on the Chromeria's?
  • The Orange seems fit to burst, the baby should be coming soon and still no answers about who the daddy is or whether or not it's going to have a mommy and daddy or two mommies or a bunch of each!
  • There appears to be a rise in people turning to the fata drug Amaranth, seeking salvation, pleasure, escape. The rumors fly that people are trying to overdose on it.
  • There is a rise in Shifters in Lochstones, reports say as is a body count of those possibly afflicted by Meisters. Are they apart of the new Shinga's army that so effortlessly took out positions of power on both sides?

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 Annabel Tegan Hornwood M {S.R}
the mermaid
money to spend
Time Zone: EST
Aug 3 2015, 12:21 PM
Annabel "Tegan" Hornwood
Character Basics

Nickname (s)
Anna Marie Welch, Tegan (Goes By)
Date of Birth
January 2nd, 1998
Rich Heterosexual
Monochrome - Sub-Red
Beholden Territory
Astral Circle* Temporary
Student and Gold Digger
Face Claim
Kendall Jenner

Quick Reference

Eye Color
Hair Color

Rich Men

Lowborn Clothing Brands
Poor People
Being Dirty
Cheap Knock Offs
Physical Appearance
Tegan is relatively tall, standing at 5'10" and absolutely slender. Her body type allows her to eat whatever she like and not gain a pound. She's lithe and thin, but that also means she can't put on a lick of muscle if she tried. Her skin is pale but with an extremely subtle edge of light caramel, hinting at her severely mixed heritage. There is no pureblood in this mutt, though she dresses and does her make up that would make anyone believe differently. Her bust size is relatively small for her height, but definitely normal for her body-type.

Her face is considered long and thin with thin-almond shaped eyes, dark lashes and dark eyebrows. Her hair is a warm brown and almost stick-straight and the length of her shoulder blades. Keeping with the motif, Tegan's eyes are also a dark dark brown with a soft and subtle layer of glazed-red. It's barely noticeable in a small star-pattern throughout the brown of her eyes. She hasn't used much so the stars are extremely small and very difficult to notice until very close to her. Might not even know she were a drafter if you didn't know what to look for. Her lips are pouty but small in length and her nose would be described as 'cute as a button'.

Tegan's typical style of dress shows off all assets she has, however minimal, and high class. She spends all of the money she receives from her sponsor on clothing, or she resorts to stealing. She's pretty enough to gain food from flirting with unsuspecting men or going out on dates with losers.

Annabel is the epitome of rich, holier-than-thou, treat-me-like-a-princess-snob. Despite actually being rather poor, she's has a penchant for expensive jewelry and attire. She has expensive tastes all around and isn't afraid to flaunt herself. While she's not overly sexual, she does know how to manipulate things out of men and women alike just by batting her eyelashes or flashing a bit of thigh. She's not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to general education, which is probably why she's so far behind in her general education department of the Chromeria. She knows 'what matters' to her. Annabel is generally entitled, and really does believe she's better than everyone else. Outwardly, she despises Talented, but she would never reveal her heritage nor that she's still friends with a few people from Southern Lochstone.

Emotionally, she's immature. Throwing fits and stomping her feet if she doesn't get her way. She's highly controlled by her drafting of luxin and this is amplified while actively drafting. She's not above making scenes though sometimes she's in control enough of her faculties to mentally control the situation rather than throw up her hands and cry. BUT I WANT IT NOW!


Sub-Red Monochrome
1 Hour MAX
8 Hours
Upset stomach, migraine with blurred vision, sees in grayscale
Never happens, too full of herself.
Abilities and Weaknesses
COLOR: Sub-Red // Upper Level Red
SPECIALTY: Gas and Solid
COLOR SICKNESS AND RECOVERY: 1 hour straight use till sickness // 8 hour recovery

    Sub-Red for Annabel has always been rather easy, but it's never been her priority. She's excelled at her drafting lessons while falling behind in her education. She can't touch liquid Sub-Red, she's never been able to generate it, but she has been able to nearly master the ability to create flame crystals (the object most sub-reds are known for making). Her sub-red gas is very volatile, so volatile in fact that she rarely uses her own sub-red gas in her flame crystals for fear of lighting herself on fire. Her hair is so much more important than her abilities and practice. However, her sub-red solid is among the most impressive solids created. Unlike most sub-red's, her crystals are almost indestructible, Annabe has designed her flame crystals to require degeneration by a talented sub-red in order to light it's 'fuse', essentially Annabel has designed a better-timed grenade. Nearly unheard of for her class, but she hasn't shared it with many people outside of Ephraim.

As most sub-red's, Annabel has gained the ability to soak as much light as possible. She uses sunglasses to help shade her eyes in fear of going blind, since the way she sees her magic requires her to extend her pupil as wide as possible. Annabel, as a result, is able to see in infrared for brief moments in time. It's painful during the day, so she has a brief window around dusk where this ability is possible. But she can see heat signatures through walls and objects for brief moments.


MUNDANE ABILITIES: Tegan was not born into the lap of luxury, but she has expensive taste and her sponsorship doesn't always cover those Gucci shoes she absolutely needs. Tegan has developed the ability of the 'five finger discount' over the course of her life. Hmm, it seems that Slums training has paid off!

Countless, countless designer products.
Trigger Warnings
Familial Abandonment
Mother: Isabel Welch (+18) // Father: Carlos Welch (+19) // Sisters: Camila Welch (+1), Gabriella Welch (-2)

Anna Marie Welch was born to a poor family in Southern Lochstone. A normal, kind and humble family earning their way through their lives while keeping their noses as clean as possible. A family that Anna Marie Welch, despised. Carlos Welch, the man of the house, was a respectable man who refused to entangle himself into the Sa'Kage. He kept his head down, his nose clean, and it helped that he wasn't magical in any way. Neither were none of his children.

Until Anna Marie. She hated her life but she made the best of it. She grew up with a local girl, a much older girl (Carolyn Archer) [Moxie], who in Anna Marie's eyes had everything that Anna wanted. She had freedom and money, little did Anna know the methods of which these were gained. She wanted it, she wanted that same freedom.

When she began to show drafting capabilities at a very young age (13), Anna Marie demanded to be tested. She demanded to be sponsored. Her parents would not disallow her from going to the Chromeria, anything was better than this flea-bitten, worm-eaten life in the Slums. She would not be restricted by her parent's idiotic view of the world, their hopes and dreams of escaping Lochstone that never came. She would leave this disgusting place, even if it was by selling her own body to the highest bidder outside of the Slums.

So when Ephraim Crohm, an influential politician rich beyond all of Anna Marie's beliefs, showed interest in her pending her passing of the Trials, Anna jumped at the chance.

The Trials were the worst thing Anna had ever had to live through, she was terrified, tortured, injured mentally but it was nothing compared to the thought of being stuck in the Slums with her family. After four hours of seemingly endless torture, it was over. And Anna Marie Welch was no more. Ephraim agreed to her sponsorship, and Anna Marie emerged from the nightmarish ordeal with a whole new name, and a whole new life.

Annabel Tegan Hornwood was born and registered into the Chromeria. Being the loyal little girl she was, she sought Ephraim's attentions to impress him. At first she excelled at school, using that as an excuse to report to her new father figure. But when she was asked to spy on Ephraim's other sponsors, she did that too. Always wanting and eager to please her sponsor. She was rewarded with material gifts by her sponsor, by older drafters vying for her attention--as she is a pretty girl--and in her eyes she had succeeded in escaping.

Tegan does not see the Chromeria, or sponsorship, as a prison. She revels in its social castes and somehow has weaseled into the elite non-sponsored rich kids, mostly because she's told almost all of them that the senator as her father and not really her sponsor. Wishful thinking she supposes. Being only seventeen, and educationally behind, she remains a student at the Chromeria, being the good little spy for the Senator for both his sponsored students that clearly dislike him and the elite social caste she's weaseled her way into.

Tegan still sneaks back to the Slums occasionally, telling Ephraim she's visiting family she hasn't actually seen in years. Instead she visits Carolyn and Carolyn's new friend Naiomi [Indigo]. She still has no idea what Carolyn actually does for a living, has no idea she's a call girl, but she knows that Naiomi is (because she's done nothing to hide it) and explicitly makes it clear that Naiomi knows Tegan is judging her. Hard.


March 2017, Senator Ephraim sold Tegan's contract to a Fatum sponsor who relocated the young woman to Astral Circle while forcing her into summer drafting schools to ensure she graduated this year. In an attempt to punish Tegan, Senator Ephraim paid off all of those that could potentially organizing contact with Paige Bradley, the woman Tegan referred to as her 'sister' for so many years, since Tegan stopped reporting on her. As a result, Tegan is trapped in the South currently, trying to find ways to contact Paige while surviving on meager allowances from the Fatum that purchased her contract.

RP Sample
Annabel had private quarters, unlike many of the sponsor kids that Ephraim—and other sponsors—gave their sponsees. It was because Annabel was as spoiled as she could be while still being sponsored. She gave Ephraim everything he wanted, she did whatever he said. She wanted him to adopt her, formally, remove the stigma of sponsorship from her name, but she believed it was only time that would prove to give her that wish. So when morning came and the light behind her heavily draped windows peaked in through the sides, Tegan stretched her arms and threw off her covers. A splendid nights rest in her perfect life.

The monochrome sub-red rest her feet on her floor and rubbed her eyes. Her pupil already widened to see in the dark room allowed her to see the heat signature of her coffee maker in the corner. While she had her own quarters it only had a washroom and her bed, all of the other accessories she’d had to fit. So no stove, but she ate out almost every night. The coffeemaker glowed a soft red, in the sub-red’s eyes her vision was blurry from sleep. Tegan yawned and walked towards it, blindly pulling a coffee mug from her desk that was barely clean from yesterday and filled it up with the thick liquid that would get her through her day. Tegan was normally a one cup a day kind of gal, just enough to get her started.

Tegan had managed to pick that up from her father. Her father who was only able to afford one cup of coffee a day. She smiled, remembering the pitiful life she’d left behind in the dust and the bright and shiny one she looked forward to with the Senator. If only she’d been born his daughter, what would the differences have been?

ATLYS. // Delphi#4850
the mermaid
money to spend
Time Zone: EST
Aug 14 2015, 07:47 PM
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