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Breaking News!
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! The North, the South, no one is left unscathed in the recent masscare of people on both sides of the river. The main targets confirmed to of been people in positions of power, more info inside.
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! Emergency Broadcast all over the world. The Chromeria, and the Sa'Kage are once again at WAR after a failed stalemate and peace of seven years that began in 2010 and was centralized in 2012, five years ago.
  • DoS: It's World War between Chromeria and Sa'kage as Axelle Marovich takes command of the Sa'Kage. She is seen executing her predecessor Julian Silverlin on international television. But was it really him?
  • The killings have seem to stop, for now. But people are in a world wide panic, skirmishes have begun in the thousands all over the world. Leaving millions injured, thousands killed. Businesses are collapsing...
  • On all accounts, hundreds of people including the Blackguard themselves are under scrutiny for how any of this has happened...Spectrum overwhelmed by the public's desperate questions of what to do now, how to protect themselves.
  • In the wake of War how are the Prism, and Green going to juggle their relationship now? Is Paradise going to be lost elsewhere?
  • Artistry in Lochstone seems to be on the climb as more, and more artists pull themselves out of the woodwork.
  • Rumor has it, something strange is whispering inside of the Unseelie Sithen. Is it true that Awakened are weaker than Some? Can King Pyre keep his Kingdom together?
  • People are asking, curious, what side of the War are the Fatum going to fall on? Is the Sa'Kage going to enforce the Unseelie on their side? Seelie on the Chromeria's?
  • The Orange seems fit to burst, the baby should be coming soon and still no answers about who the daddy is or whether or not it's going to have a mommy and daddy or two mommies or a bunch of each!
  • There appears to be a rise in people turning to the fata drug Amaranth, seeking salvation, pleasure, escape. The rumors fly that people are trying to overdose on it.
  • There is a rise in Shifters in Lochstones, reports say as is a body count of those possibly afflicted by Meisters. Are they apart of the new Shinga's army that so effortlessly took out positions of power on both sides?

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 Sofia Capello {Owl}, Southern Lochstone
Post Demon
The Spectrum
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Time Zone: EST
Dec 12 2015, 04:32 PM

Sofia Febe Capello
Febe (to Landon only)
August 12, 1993
Sexual Orientation
Color, Type or Psychic Power
SaKage, Independent
Face Claim: Clara Lago

Sofia is on the short side standing at only five feet and two inches. Her body is a bit curvy in the right places. Like her sister, Landon, Sofia needs to work out to keep in this shape. Even though Sofia dislikes working out, her arms and legs are in great shape, from forcing herself to do it anyways. Living in the Slums means needing to take care of yourself and loved ones.

Her face in considered oval shaped, and Sofia has pretty nice cheek bones. Sofia's lips are a bit smaller than her siblings, but that natural pout still comes into play. Her eyebrows seem to be always noticeable, and something Sofia is really insecure about.

Sofia's eyes are a bit deeper set, and a dark brown. They are full of emotion, and a bit on the smaller side. Some days the brown some days appears so dark it's hard to tell where the pupil ends.

Hair. Sofia loves her hair. It is normally kept long down past the middle of her back. It's naturally wavy, and a dark brown. Like her eyes, some days it appears black. She likes to add highlights to give it more depth from time to time.

Makeup is normally kept light, mainly playing up her eyes. She will go all out when needed, but that's not often. Sofia likes leather jackets, but to mix it up with a bit of chic flare. Growing up in the house hold of fix it yourself, she fell in love with motorcycles.

snow owl: In her animal form, Sofia turns into a snow owl. She doesn't have much black spots on her, and her beak is black. A few of the black spots are vir markings. There are large yellow eyes that seem to look into your soul.

Her vir marking is small and on Sofia's hip. It's in the shape of an owl. Every so often it moves position.

Sofia is complicated. She is an artist at heart, and feels life and everyone around her misunderstands her problems. At the same time, she wants to prove that she is as good as her family. Sofia wants to be an outsider, but belong at the same time. Girl is a confused mess.

Before recent events Sofia was a fairly happy woman, but she hit a dark patch and is currently depressed. She is sure life will never be happy again, and things will always be bad.

She isn't afraid to get dirty, and loves motorcycles. Family means the world to her, even if she did go out on her own for a few years. Sofia came back and is trying to do her best.

Psychic Photography: When Sofia takes pictures there's hidden imprints in the images. She develops them herself in order to ensure the imprint is whole and not tampered with. From the imprint she can read information about the person in the picture. From what they are, to age, and some of their history. Most people with the ability imprint images into others minds, but Sofia's is for her knowledge only.

If Sofia tries, she can make an imprint in the image readable to someone specifically. It takes time, but it's a great way to send secret messages, or give the Shinga information needed and no one else will ever know.


As a shapeshifter in general, Sofia has heightened senses in both human and animal form. She is stronger and more resistant to illness or infection. She has some control and must shift 3 times a month.

Night Vision:: Owls hunt at night, and have amazing night vision. This is true for Sofia as well. In her human form, she can see perfectly at night, as if it were day for normal humans. Her vision is better at night, and her eyes during the day are actually sensitive to the light. Don't be too surprised to see her in sunglasses most of the time.

Tell me no lies::In Greek Mythology the owl was sacred to Athena, Goddess of the night who represented wisdom. The owl that sat on Athena's shoulder revealed unseen truths, and this ability has transferred to Sofia.

In her human form, people within 15 feet of her will feel compelled to tell the truth. Lying will be difficult, unless they are skilled at it. In her owl form this ability is doubled to 30 feet, and even harder to avoid being 100% honest.

Sofia was the second child born into her large family. Life in the Slums can be difficult, but being part of a family that cares, and guilds made it easier. Sofia didn't attend school, like most of her siblings. Instead she was self taught, or learned from her family.

She grew up learning to use her hands, and fight. Sofia was never as good with these things like her brother or Landon, but she tried. The girl's love was in the arts. Photography mainly. Sofia was seeing the word as a picture.

Her powers started to manifest when she was ten years old. That was when Sofia stole her first camera. Life for Sofia changed that moment on. Her pictures held prints of information in them. The rest of her family picked guilds to align to, but Sofia couldn't. She wanted the freedom to take her pictures.

Life was fairly boring till she met Lee. He was a follower of Goddard, and Sofia was instantly attracted to that life. The Capello's believe they are descendants of the being Nysos, the Lord of the Night, the original Wetboy. Sofia secretly wanted to be special, to prove she was like her ancestor. Goddard was going to make her special. Lee promised it. She fell head over heels in love with Lee quickly. It was intense and fast moving.

She was chosen by Goddard to become a shapeshifter. The symbiot that chose her was an owl. Sofia was confused and disappointed. So many around her became animals that were scary or powerful.. she was just an owl.

Sofia was ashamed of what happened, and embarrassed. How could her family be proud of her? Was this a joke? Why would Lee do this to her? Unfortunately, Sofia found out before the night Goddard failed to take Lochstone that Lee didn't really care for her. It was a set up. He knew of her powers and hoped that by handing Sofia over to Goddard Lee would be rewarded, and he was. Sofia was just a stepping stone to him.

The night of the fight she killed Lee, during the chaos it was Sofia's chance to do it without being caught. She went home after being gone for two years. She told Landon everything. Her sister was one that Sofia felt she could trust. No matter what.

Since then she has been keeping a low profile, but trying to sell her photography. Sofia is currently lost, and full of rage.

Sofia was at the park holding her camera. The snow was falling, and children were building snowmen. She was bundled up for the cold weather, complete with a beanie on her head. Hat hair would be a bitch later. The sunglasses on her face were a tad annoying, but the sun was bright and in some areas reflection off the snow. Dusk was the best time for snowfall pictures. It was a waiting game now.

Her boots helped keep her feet dry as Sofia walked around to waste time. She was in Northern Lochstone, and didn't know many people this way, but she wanted to start selling her pictures. There was a tiny studio that would be perfect for a gallery. Rich people paid a ton for original work. Sofia's was worth more than what she charged. Mainly to keep her 'gift' a secret. If people knew what she could do, they would spend a fortune on her images... but someone would try to control her. The Shinga knew there was someone with her talent in the Slums, but she wasn't asked to do much work often. The shifter wanted to keep it that way.

She spotted someone off in the distance, and the way the snow fell on them needed to be captured. Sofia, snapped a few quick photo's and planned to go on with her day, till the person yelled. Opps. Maybe they didn't want their picture taken.


In submitting an application and joining Black Prism, I am expressing that I have read all the rules and applicable information and will abide by them. Should I break a rule, I will accept any repercussions with grace and dignity. I understand that not remembering rules is not an excuse for breaking them, though I understand staff attempts to be understanding in that memory lapses occur.


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The Spectrum
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Dec 12 2015, 04:33 PM

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