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Breaking News!
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! The North, the South, no one is left unscathed in the recent masscare of people on both sides of the river. The main targets confirmed to of been people in positions of power, more info inside.
  • DoS: BREAKING NEWS! Emergency Broadcast all over the world. The Chromeria, and the Sa'Kage are once again at WAR after a failed stalemate and peace of seven years that began in 2010 and was centralized in 2012, five years ago.
  • DoS: It's World War between Chromeria and Sa'kage as Axelle Marovich takes command of the Sa'Kage. She is seen executing her predecessor Julian Silverlin on international television. But was it really him?
  • The killings have seem to stop, for now. But people are in a world wide panic, skirmishes have begun in the thousands all over the world. Leaving millions injured, thousands killed. Businesses are collapsing...
  • On all accounts, hundreds of people including the Blackguard themselves are under scrutiny for how any of this has happened...Spectrum overwhelmed by the public's desperate questions of what to do now, how to protect themselves.
  • In the wake of War how are the Prism, and Green going to juggle their relationship now? Is Paradise going to be lost elsewhere?
  • Artistry in Lochstone seems to be on the climb as more, and more artists pull themselves out of the woodwork.
  • Rumor has it, something strange is whispering inside of the Unseelie Sithen. Is it true that Awakened are weaker than Some? Can King Pyre keep his Kingdom together?
  • People are asking, curious, what side of the War are the Fatum going to fall on? Is the Sa'Kage going to enforce the Unseelie on their side? Seelie on the Chromeria's?
  • The Orange seems fit to burst, the baby should be coming soon and still no answers about who the daddy is or whether or not it's going to have a mommy and daddy or two mommies or a bunch of each!
  • There appears to be a rise in people turning to the fata drug Amaranth, seeking salvation, pleasure, escape. The rumors fly that people are trying to overdose on it.
  • There is a rise in Shifters in Lochstones, reports say as is a body count of those possibly afflicted by Meisters. Are they apart of the new Shinga's army that so effortlessly took out positions of power on both sides?

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 [Mono] Paige Bradley [G], The High Green
Post Demon
The Spectrum
money to spend
Time Zone: EST
Jun 25 2015, 06:44 PM
Paige Marie Bradley
Character Basics

Nickname (s)
Paige Bradley
Date of Birth
June 5, 1987
Beholden Territory
Chromeria Island
The Green
Face Claim
Blake Lively

Quick Reference

Eye Color
Hair Color


Physical Appearance
Paige stands at five feet and ten inches tall. Her legs, in her opinion are Paige’s best asset. Others say it’s her smile. It lights up the room, and it’s rare to see Paige without one. As if having long legs isn’t enough, she has an hourglass body type, and weighs about one hundred and thirty five pounds. Long, wavy blonde hair, and clear blue eyes complete the all American beauty look. Around her eyes, is the green that lets everyone know she is a drafter. Her downfall on her face, according to Paige, is the small mole under her left eye.

When it comes to style , Paige tends to wear nice clothes. Her sponsor still insist Paige look like she is taken care of. After all she is his green drafter! Designer clothes, shoes, handbags… the works! Paige has it all at her disposal… well as long as she’s a good little drafter.

Paige is a sweet woman, well, to the general population. She is also an actress. Or at least faking being nice when needed. Her sponsor is a horrible man, and Paige hates him to her core. But, there is nothing she can do about it. So fake it to stay out of ‘the slums’. Paige tends to be a free spirit when she can be. Being cooped up in the library drives her insane, but what is one to do? She is also a very creative woman, it seems to go along well with green drafters. Sometimes she dabbles in art for fun, to give her imagination more freedom, and exercise it.

She loves coffee, wine, chocolate, and strawberries. As much as Paige hates to admit it, she loves the clothes and shoes her sponsor allows her to get. Nothing makes her feel prettier than a brand new outfit. Okay, maybe she is a bit materialistic.

Deep down, Paige hates the way Lochstone is run. The backstabbing, the crime, sponsorships, the school. Everything that is wrong with the city. She feels everyone is corrupt and hard to trust. It makes it difficult to get her to trust anyone. There’s some high walls to jump to get Paige to open up.

Fears are a whole other story, but Paige is afraid of having her own children.. she doesn’t want to bring kids into this world. She is also terrified of her contract being transferred to the West Specter Guild. Her sponsor made it clear where they would place her… Paige wants to be in control of at least that part of her life.


Drafter - Green
4 Hours of Use Before Color Sickness
8 Hours
What happens when spent? Nausea? Upset stomach? Color blindness? Migraines? Be creative!
Abilities and Weaknesses
Paige is a monochrome drafter. The color she is able to draft is Green. She is able to dabble in Blue and Yellow, but no enough to actually go back to school to become bichrome or polychrome. Since green is visible to everyone Paige doesn’t really need glasses to see it, but she uses them when it starts to get dark or it’s an overcast day.

When it comes to how long it takes to wear Paige down, it depends on how much drafting of luxin she’s doing. For basic work, Paige can handle a lot, and it would take a long day or hours without a break in order for her to be worn down. If she is manipulating something large, her energy drops drastically, and takes some time to return. Sleep normally helps speed this up.

Bond with Jaxon
When The Red helped Paige draft, the yellow luxin that flowed through her… should have hurt. It should have caused her to scream from pain. Instead, it felt right. Little is known about this phenomena. There are a few old books that make small references to people bonding via luxin. Most think it’s not possible. Yet Paige and Jaxon are able to feel what the other person is feeling.

It will take time for the two of them to realize what is going on. Lying or trying to hide something from the other will be impossible. If one feels a strong emotion, the other will feel it as well. Some emotions might be harder to interpret.

The bond Jaxon has, goes both ways. Paige isn't sure why she feels random moments of confidence, real confidence. Paige always faked it before.

This can be reversed. It would take a lot of research to do so, but eventually they can find the answer. If the two parties OOCLY want to torture them more, via achievement system or gems they may make the bond stronger.


Superchromat... what what! Paige earned this via achievement, and has been hiding it for a long time. Not many know, but she can draft perfect green luxin.


THE SCARABS OF AMUNET: Though she may not have noticed the jewelry on her wrist, the perfect green luxin that is forged in the scarabs on the bracelet are centuries old. They hold the key to the darker side of the wild green drafter. Getting the bracelet off is impossible until you are unworthy of being it's host. Like it's namesake it calls serpents to Paige's beckoning. These snakes will defend her to the death. This isn't it's only abilities though, and discovering the rest will require a sacrifice of blood.

Tender research into the bracelet may reveal more since the object has been lost for many years, but regardless Paige will find herself restless in the night and roaming the streets looking for a worthy sacrifice.

Taren is drawn to her with his prize.

Trigger Warnings
# # #
# # #
Paige was born to a poor family. Her parents didn’t plan on having any children, and they ended up with five. Since Paige was the oldest, she ended up helping out with her siblings more than any child would ever want to. It was a chore, and an awful task. Slowly, Paige became to hate her life. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she was able to manipulate green luxin. It was rare for Paige to have any free time, but when she did, she would try to play with it. Since, everyone could see the green, she didn’t think she was special… till her mother saw what she could do.

Raising five children is expensive… and Paige’s family was struggling and not everyone was able to eat. When her mother saw that Paige had potential to be a drafter, she started to look for people to take on her daughter for a sponsorship. It would ensure her eldest wouldn’t go hungry; it would also lighten up the amount of things needed to be spent on Paige at home. It was a win/win right?

Eventually Paige’s mother found a politician that wanted to see what Paige could do. Green drafters are well known for being ‘wild’ and not listening well…. But Paige was so young, and already mad at her family. Could she be taught to respect and listen to older man? The politician was impressed, and decided it was worth the risk on buying…erm… sponsoring the little blonde. After all, a green drafter would complete his collection! She was whisked away almost immediately to go take her Trial.

Upset, and outraged that her parents just sold her… Paige was tempted to fail on purpose. The only reason she didn’t was the threat of her contract being given to the West Specter Guild… Even as a child, Paige knew what that meant in the long run.

The trail itself was horrid. Paige really could only draft green, but the interviewers pushed for her to try blue and yellow. It was too hard. Maybe someday. Eventually she passed the trail and school at the Chromeria began. Lucky for Paige, she was cute…. But most knew she was a ‘sponsorship’ kid. The first half of school was rough. It took time for Paige to learn to fit in with the wealthier kids. It wasn’t till about sixteen she became popular in her own way. Or at least people started to forget about her being a poor kid. Maybe it was just that they really overlooked it, or Paige faked it enough.

Finishing up school wasn’t easy, and Paige knew once school was done.. she would forever be at the beck and call of the man that sponsored her. There was a few times Paige purposely did poorly in school to prolong her time there. She dreaded having to leave school to work for him.

The time came not too long ago, when Paige was twenty four to leave the Chromeria and work for her Sponsor. Paige works part time at the library on campus of the Chromeria. She was requested to do so. The politician wants her eyes and ears on the campus. Paige will never get to attend a regular University… she was told to forget those dreams.

Paige was in the battle against Goddard in September. Wakes with a cut on the side of her head. She has stitches, and it will take time to heal. She suffered from a concussion and will spend a day or two in the hospital. It will take time for her equilibrium to work itself out. Could have been worse..


Via the achievement system, Paige is now The Green. Senator Ephraim had the previous Green and other contenders killed. IC only Paige knows this. As much as she didn't want the job, she was forced to take it.

RP Sample
It was gorgeous outside. The perfect day to lounge on the beach. Paige had every desire to find the perfect tanning spot and not move. She packed her bag with all the needed beach essentials. A towel, brush, tanning lotion, water, a few snack, her ipod, and of course wallet.

She wore her green bikini under a pair of jean shorts and a white tank top. Dark sunglasses on her face, and flip flops on, she was out the door. It was a short drive to get to the beach, and Paige wasted no time to start soaking up the rays. It was only ten in the morning, and not many people out yet. She found a spot far enough from the water and started getting ready.

Towel on the ground and earbuds in, her mix was playing. Paige was down to her bikini putting the tanning lotion on as she watched a small family walk by. She gave them a friendly smile, but her heart ached some. As a child, she never came to the beach with her family.

Once Paige was sure she had a good amount of lotion on, she laid down and closed her eyes. Tuning out the world was easy when music blared in her ears. It was her day. No drafting for dickhead, no spying at the library. Just Paige, her music, and the sun.

It caught her by complete surprise when a Frisbee landed on her stomach. “Oh!” She called out, and sat up looking for who it belonged to.


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