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Breaking News!
  • Rumor has it 'In the midst of all this devastation, something good had come. The Green confirmed the Prism is well endowed, hurr hurr hurr!'
  • Some men are making waves! 'The new drug, sex with the Unseelie King. Women line the blocks just to see his joystick. How to get your time with him at 8'
  • So much gossip floating about 'Word is baby daddy to the Oranges unborn has fled the states. That's okay, this baby might have two mom's instead. Double the cookies!'
  • If not two mommies, then The Orange and the Prism seem to be at odds, is this a paternal matter? Just who is the Orange with?!
  • Everybody being n.a.u.g.h.t.y! Blackguard in training had been seen k.i.s.s.i.n.g. with her teacher under the bleachers. Detention for both tomorrow...
  • In the wake of Dylan's disappearance, Blackguard Trainee Penny Wakeland under scrutiny for her brothers whereabouts.
  • In other rings of gossip 'Medium claims the late Blue's ghost haunts her in the shower.'
  • Recent increase of Amber Alerts still remains unsolved, children just show back up, are you in the danger zone?
  • Dollhouse under new ownership! Half price dolls, two for the price of one! One limit per household, no rainchecks.
  • BREAKING NEWS! A slew of murders arise in Lochstone! But not just any, with one Spectrum Member; the White missing. Two more have been murdered. The Sub-Red Clara Hale, and the Blue Steven Hill as well as these three Spectrum's contenders. More info inside.
  • Jaxon Press addresses concerns of continual problems with Wights, with firm beliefs they are not the cause of the latest crisis. Putting his faith in the Blackguard who are now recently under new Charge, Luxlord Black, Black.
  • People are beginning to panic by the scattering onset of violence, that proves to be less, and less random by the day.

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Home to all student drafters, blackguards and the chromatic council.

Home to all student drafters, blackguards and the chromatic council.

Today at 09:11 am
17 threads / replies 121
Home to all student drafters, blackguards and the chromatic council.

Home to all student drafters, blackguards and the chromatic council.

Lux Nightengale
Yesterday at 07:47 pm
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