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Breaking News!
  • Jaxon Press rumored losing his mind, influx of Prisms to be coming to Lochstone to take his place? Find out at 11!
  • Powerhouse Axelle Marovich spares no one in recent warehouse attack in her own district, rumored rebels in the South!
  • Skirmishes in the Northern streets of Lochstone! Reportedly 15 drafters dead and seven casualties.
  • How are the Talented getting into the North? We sent one man undercover... he did not return.
  • Seelie and Unseelie royalty remain eerily quiet during war times, will they join a side soon?
  • As war rages on, blood in the streets, more and more seeking Amaranth for comfort--Fatum ploy for numbers?
  • Axelle Marovich spotted in Northern Lochstone Brewery, Axelle Marovich spotted in Southern Lochstone West Specter Business on same day... Can she teleport?
  • Resident director of the ortho dept. at BHMC's gotten a bit of national attention recently with his groundbreaking project, nicknamed TBONE. Featured in the Journal for Orthopedic Research, the project has attracted the attention of both regimes: Chromeria and Sa'Kage.
  • Long lost Jared Press returns to Northern Lochstone just in time, but blackguard rumored to be unwelcoming of his return. Did he go AWOL? Was he kidnapped? They won't let him return to the Black!
  • Orange denounces Luxlady status and returns to Russia in Lochstone time of need! Motherhood proves too much to multitask!
  • TBONE becomes t-boned? Weaponization of local hero's work looked up to achieve a 'leg up' in the war. Dr. N Thomas certainly didn't want THAT kind of attention!
  • There is a rise in Shifters in Lochstones, reports say as is a body count of those possibly afflicted by Meisters. Are they apart of the new Shinga's army that so effortlessly took out positions of power on both sides?

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It has been a beautiful 2.5 years but admins don't have the time to give Black Prism the attention it deserves. We love you all and thank you for the amazing time we had. I know there are some projects in the works to keep this community as a unit, and it will be linked here when its complete.

Thank you all. Forever Love!
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2.0 Smoke Screen was made for Black Prism exclusively by Delphi.
Many people were helpful during this process and many of them have been added to the Credits section in the banner. 2.0 Smoke Screen may not be duplicated or replicated without expressed consent from Delphi.
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